The Resource Table

Meeting physical needs of people in the community!

Highlights and Accomplishments

  • Impact, Assistance and Compassion 
  • Donated items given away 
    • 1000s clothing items
    • 100s hygiene kits
    • first aid kits
    • 100s of LYNX bus passes
    • Flashlights, batteries, cell phones
    • Bicycles, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, blankets and more
  • Helped individuals secure State ID cards
  • Provided rides to appointments, hospital, detox 
  • Assistance re-connecting with family
  • Helped with detox and rehab placement
  • Hospital and rehab visitation
  • Car repair assistance
  • Eye Glass assistance and more!

The “Resource Table” at The Table

During the first year of The Table there was a small table that had “resources” on it: flyers, books and information on where to find help in the area. That was the starting point for what “The Resource Table” has become.

Now The Table collects donations of all kinds from individuals and partners. With these donations we can provide tangible items to the attendees of The Table’s “Free Community Dinners”. Two Thursdays each month there are a variety of items available to those in need, including clothing, hygiene kits, shoes, batteries and more.

You can help!

Because of the generosity of individuals, we have been able provide for peoples needs in the East-Winter Park/Goldenrod community. 

Would you like to provide needed resources in the form of a Tent, Sleeping Bag, Shoes, chothing etc? 

Reach out through the contact form below and we will get back to you and about your donation.


Want to know more? contact us!

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